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Whoever Knows me (my Spirit) Knows the Father (Who Is Spirit) And Whoever Knows the Father Knows me - Maitreya/Sananda

Notice the demon in his palm where his "nail hole" is ..he will show hands with nail holes in them to try and substantiate his claims of crucifixion and that he was the messiah.

The term Maitreya isn't a particular's a Title.

Any one of several 'beasts in waiting' can step forward to fulfill the role..such as sAint Germaine, sAint Sananda, the "Maitreya" promoted by Benjamin Creme..and Lord knows who else..

Maitreya is an Anuk or known as Annunaki. A fallen Watcher. He will come claiming he is "Jesus" and try to imitate Jesus as the Messiah. He is a False Messiah and False Prophet who will come to perform many miracles and herald the Antichrist as God. He will perform miracles and speak religion but he is really the second beast of Revelation 13. He will deceive many. Even most in the churches today.

Many of those involved with elite Satanic groups such as the Brotherhood have described Satan i.e. Lucifer as being blonde. Others describe a council of Controllers behind the scenes ruling everything and directing all the secret societies, groups, governments, Illuminati etc..behind the scenes..
Are they describing Lord Ashtar and

the Ashtar Command? (see their pics)

This information below is from the main site at mind you it changes constantly as Maitreya also jumps around to fill the roles of St. Germaine, St. Sananda and whoever or whatever else is being conditioned to come as this "Maitreya." I don't think they have it really decided yet.

That explains all the confusion with this Maitreya. As portrayed by Benjamin Creme, he's a turban wearing great teacher. As portrayed by the NESARA crowd Maitreya is sAint Germaine or sAint Sananda, doesn't wear a turban but a long white robe.
And the actual pictures of him very greatly. They depict completely different people. So is Maitreya a particular person or a title?

I think it's a title with many wannabe beasts competing to get the starring role.




He has been expected for generations by all of the major religions. Christians know Him as the Christ, and expect His imminent return. Jews await Him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect Him as Maitreya Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah.

The names may be different, but many believe they all refer to the same individual: the World Teacher, whose name is Maitreya (My-'tray-ah).

Preferring to be known simply as the Teacher, Maitreya has not come as a religious leader, or to found a new religion, but as a teacher and guide for people of every religion and those of no religion.

At this time of great political, economic and social crisis Maitreya will inspire humanity to see itself as one family, and create a civilization based on sharing, economic and social justice, and global cooperation.

He will launch a call to action to save the millions of people who starve to death every year in a world of plenty. Among Maitreya's recommendations will be a shift in social priorities so that adequate food, housing, clothing, education, and medical care become universal rights.

Under Maitreya's inspiration, humanity itself will make the required changes and create a saner and more just world for all.

A Gradual Emergence

In recent years, information about Maitreya's emergence has come primarily from Benjamin Creme, a British artist and author who has been speaking and writing about this event since 1974.

He has been writing about this event since 1974.

According to Creme, Maitreya descended in July 1977 from His ancient retreat in the Himalayas and took up residence in the Indian-Pakistani community of London. He has been living and working there, seemingly as an ordinary man, His true status known to relatively few. He has been emerging gradually into full public view so as not to infringe humanity's free will.

As a modern man concerned with today's problems, Maitreya has worked on many levels since 1977 to prepare humanity for His outward presence.

From behind the scenes, the outpouring of His extraordinary energy has been the stimulus for dramatic changes on many fronts, including the fall of communism in the Soviet Union, the collapse of apartheid in South Africa, the rapprochement between East and West, the growing power of the people's voice, and a worldwide focus on preserving the environment.

Outwardly, He has met with groups of journalists and influential leaders from all fields, informing them of His solutions to today's most pressing problems and of the role they might play in the coming time.

Since 1988 Maitreya has appeared miraculously throughout the world, mainly to orthodox religious groups, presenting in the simplest terms the great spiritual laws governing our lives. And, through steadily increasing signs and spiritual manifestations, now widely reported in the media, He has touched the hearts of millions, preparing them for His imminent appearance.

Day of Declaration

At the earliest possible moment, Maitreya will demonstrate His true identity. On the Day of Declaration, the international television networks will be linked together, and Maitreya will be invited to speak to the world.

We will see His face on television, but each of us will hear His words telepathically in our own language as Maitreya simultaneously impresses the minds of all humanity. Even those who are not watching Him on television will have this experience.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of spontaneous healings will take place throughout the world. In this way we will know that this man is truly the World Teacher for all humanity.

Maitreya Buddha`s Emergence

(An update on what it happening with the appearance of the False Prophet, who is going by the name Lord Maitreya, or Maitreya Buddha. He has made appearances all over the world, and continues to appear and disappear in 1996. Beware of this deception that I believe will prove to be the deception spoken of in Revelation about the end times. Notice that this Maitreya does not intend to set up a religion around himself. This is because, I believe, he intends to set up a religion around the coming Anti-Christ. - Sandy Simpson)


Maitreya Buddha has come 'like a thief in the night' earlier than many had anticipated. He is now in London in a physical body and has recently accepted invitations from US and Japanese media for a televised interview. Major events will soon present the world with a momentous choice. With Maitreya's wise counsel, humanity will gladly choose the reconstruction of the world based on economic justice and freedom for all. At this time of great political, economic, & social crisis, Maitreya and His Disciples, the Masters of Wisdom, will inspire humanity to see itself as one family & create a peaceful civilization based on sharing, economic & social justice, and global cooperation. "Now in those days, brethren, there shall arise in the world an Exalted One by name Maitreya (the Kindly One) an Arhat, a Fully Enlightened One, endowed with wisdom and righteousness, a Happy One, a World-knower, the Peerless Charioteer of men to be tamed, a teacher of the devas (angels) and mankind, an Exalted One, a Buddha like myself. He of His own abnormal powers shall realize and make known the world, and the worlds of the devas, with their Maras, their Brahmas, the host of recluses and brahmins, of devas and mankind alike, even as I do now. He shall proclaim the norm, lovely in its beginning, lovely in its middle, and lovely in the end thereof. He shall make known the wholly perfect life of righteousness in all its purity, both in the spirit and in the letter of it, even as I do now. He shall lead an Order of Bretheren numbering many thousands, even as I do now lead an order of Bretheren numbering many hundreds."(Gautama Buddha in Digha Nikaya) Who is the Fifth Buddha?

According to esoteric teachings, Maitreya is the awaited Fifth Buddha. He is also known as the Christ, World Teacher, Imam Mahdi, Messiah, & Kalki Avatar. The word 'Christ' is not the name of an individual, but the title of an office or function within the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters. The Leader of all the Masters for our planet's Spiritual Hierarchy is known to many in the west as the Christ and as the Bodhissatva in the east. The Hierarchy is known to some as the 'Great White Brotherhood'. Without infringing upon our freewill, Maitreya and his disciples, the Masters of Wisdom will guide humanity into a future which will be much lovelier than most of our better futurists currently imagine. The Teacher Preferring to be known simply as 'the Teacher', Maitreya has not come as a religious leader or to found a new religion, but as teacher and guide for people of every religion and those of no religion. He has come "like a thief in the night," (Peter 3:10) when least expected. He is returning for the good of everyone, both the religious and non-religious alike.

The Day of Declaration
On the Day of Declaration, Maitreya will present His credentials to all of humanity. On this day, "every eye shall see him."(Rv.1:7) Everyone will (simultaneously) hear his voice inwardly-- telepathically in their own language. At the same time, we will all deeply feel His omnipotent love and hundreds of thousands of spontaneous healings will take place throughout the world.
After the Day of Declaration several Masters of Wisdom will join Maitreya on the world stage. Each will have different functions depending upon His particular line of work. Some will teach, while others will be concerned more with world problems of a political & economic nature. Still others will inspire the new architecture, painting & music, while the attention of some will be directed to science & the inspiration of the new 'holistic' science, integrating science & religion. A Master (Mahatma) is simply a master over Himself & the forces of nature. None of them wish to be worshipped or idolized. Eventually you too will be able to do what they can do now. For the first time in countless millennia, They will be serving humanity openly in the world, rather than from behind the scenes as they do now.

Maitreya does not intend to build a new religion around himself, nor to create followers, but to teach humanity the Art of Self-Realization. The first steps are "honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit, and detachment. Any action performed with dishonesty of mind, an insincere spirit and attachment is destructive. For example, when you think one thing, say another, and do something which is different again, you are lost. Honesty of mind leads to honest speech and honest action. This harmony leads to peace and happiness." HE HAS SAID... "I have not come to create followers, each of you should continue to develop within your own religious tradition. A real disciple is one who will respect the traditions. Respect your own religions, your own ideologies, in brief, your own thoughtform, and you will experience the Master. Even when you see Me, do not run after Me. If you run after Me, you will lose Me. If you parade Me, you do not know who I am. I cannot be monopolized, I belong to everyone."

"Be what you are. Do not surrender your self-respect, your dignity, to others. Do not allow anyone to cast his shadow over you. A Master gives experiences, but does not cast his shadow. Do not follow one another. If you practice honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment, you will know your Self, you will know Me, you will know the Lord."

"Many await My Coming with trepidation, fearing the loss of all that they have amassed & gained. Fear not, My friends, for the loss will be the loss of separation only, of division & fear, of envy & hate. To clear these from the world, all must be remade. Know this, My friends, & be ready to share, to see your brother as yourself, to clasp him in your arms & call him friend. In this way, My brothers, you manifest God's Plan. Towards the completion of that Plan do I work & call you to My side. Work with Me, My friends; together we shall make all things new."

"My plan is to show you that the way out of your problems is to listen again to the true voice of God within your hearts, to share the produce of this most bountiful of worlds among your brothers and sisters everywhere."

"My Masters work also in their various centers and through them proceeds the plan, my work is to organize that plan in such a way that the least cleavage results. Much that is loved must go. Cling not the old forms. Much will depend upon man's ability to renounce these outworn structures and to create a new and simpler world."

My intention is to reveal Myself soon & by the shortest route. All else failing, I shall emerge into a world ready but unprepared, a world which knows not yet that I am among you. But far better would it be for Me to come before you as the Expected One, the One sent by God to lead you into your future glory. Many know this but many more by far are ignorant of the true happenings of the time. I do solemnly appeal to you, therefore, My dear friends, to make known the fact of My Presence among you & pave smooth My way.

"Remember this, forget not that I come to change all things. My coming brings peace. Likewise, my presence brings cleavage. My sword, that love which I am, will separate all men, will show the true from the false, will clear the way for the new light which I bring. May it be that you can withstand this change and accept my light."

Are you ready to gag yet?

Consider this "Day of Declaration"

The Planetary Pentecost
"Maitreya will be invited by the international media to speak directly to the entire world through the television networks linked together by satellites. On this Day of Declaration, we will see his face on the television screen wherever we have access. The biblical statement, 'All eyes will see him,' will be fulfilled, in the only way in which it can be fulfilled. We will see his face, but he will not speak. His thoughts, his ideas, his call to humanity for justice, sharing, right relationships and peace, will take place silently, telepathically. Each of us will hear him inwardly in our own language. In this way, he will re-enact on a worldwide scale the true happenings of Pentecost 2,000 years ago...In celebration of this event, Pentecost will become one of the major festivals of the New World Religion which, eventually, Maitreya will inaugurate." [Crème 24]

"You have come home to me. The bread and wine hold within them the substance of my new body. The key for you now each day is to breathe deeply in a 'birthing experience' of the resurrected body. Then do the communion and experience my body transforming yours. Do this in preparation for the Planetary Birth which will be induced through this experience given to the new disciples of Christ who chose to work together for the Planetary Pentecost, when the Spirit of God is poured out upon all people. This is the purpose of your mission on Earth. All your projects will be reoriented, aligned and empowered as you accept this purpose and put it first. . . . finally." [Hubbard 311]

"For many years Bob Jones has received valuable revelations on [the Day of Atonement] outlining activities of the Holy Spirit for the seasons ahead. The season surrounding the upcoming Day of Pentecost will be a point of demarcation for those identified as this generation of youth. The interval between Atonement and the Day of Pentecost will be utilized for indoctrination and consecration for those things following the release that should take place during the season of heightened spiritual intensity surrounding Pentecost... [A] portion of the revelations also highlighted the season surrounding the upcoming feast of Pentecost as a pivotal time of transition for the church. Again, we are admonished to allow the term between the Feast of Tabernacles and the season of Pentecost as preparation for those days that follow the 'shifting of gears' that will transpire around Pentecost." [Jones]

not that I support Bob Jones since he's part of 'their' agenda..but the info is worth passing on since he would know..
Something important to beware of is to NOT WATCH this worldwide television spectacle. This Maitreya has dangerous mind control and hypnotic powers and will enslave the minds of those who watch him on television. DO NOT WATCH IT.


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Alpheus--Message of Maitreya on KrishnamurtiFull text of message by the Lord Maitreya including portrait. ... LORD MAITREYA 67. Thus although Krishnamurti was right to emphasize the necessity for ... - Cached - Similar -

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  1. I do hate spam on a potentially revealing post...good job with all all the info on this particular Maitreya.
    It is a mystery in which only time will tell.

    I can only wonder at how many will come bearing the name...but whom among them will bear the spirit? As I said before...only time will tell.

    Good Luck at all your endeavors...and don't believe the hype.

    It is true what they say...the revolution will not be televised.

  2. Nice to meet you~!!!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  3. Interesting theory, as we approach 2012 many theories are on the air as many as info on Cialis Online circulating on the web.

  4. Their is no other way to feel the cosmic spirit of source father but through your own life energy for god is photon.

    We are photon and can breath in divine particles which are personal living light love waves organic substance of same atmosphere of all that is. No matter good or bad we can siphon off by our own accord and free will consciously is better to not be influenced over truth experience direct spiritual physics is a more neutral form of understanding within all that is.

    There is no other place to live but within gods life sphere for we all are natural light being forms organic of same light species and our own life sphere is within a intergalactic form being of light. Everything is frequency energy and so simply tap into the purity energy you feel is god, god representative and purity neutral without name, without status, without force, belief and need and just be. For eternity is a long haul if we can not trust our own purity life force firstly to discern and raise our consciousness for the well being of all no mater generation.

    Regardless who we follow in energy current or opinion and name the love frequency is of faster vibration particle standing waves within god who is a standing wave and so our spirit should in harmony also tune to same purity neutral cosmic eternal form regardless who we represent or lifetime conscious within and can be denoted so in ones own vibration purity ability and focus to know. Each name ia a keynote and just as my name has many representations and since billions of people; thousands may have same name yet not same truth as who I am as a light being purity neutral walker of light. Many people could be of same name yet not me! Google your name and you will know what I mean.

    For I am no Angel yet in the stance of this vibration tone frequency when said will bring only the good karma of me for I desire to move about eternity untouched by those of lower natures yet be an example how to be or not. As I hope all should too.