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Satanism of the "New World Order" -Examine the followers of "Maitreya" -The coming Anti-Christ

Satanism of the New World Order Elite : Lucifer, Gaia, and Buddhism In the U.N.

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The so-called Dalai Lama. Another pagan religious figure supported by the U.N.

"Within the United Nations is the germ and seed of a great international and meditating, reflective group - a group of thinking and informed men and women in whose hands lies the destiny of humanity.
Alice Bailey, New Age satanist of Luci(fer)´s Trust - the UN´s Printing House and supported by the world elite and the Rockefeller Foundation .

In fact, the UN -which is to be the world government , and here - is the Temple of Lucifer – and the New World Order is the establishment of his kingdom on Earth.
Incredible? Just look what follows:

The use of religion is one method that, in Rockefeller's eyes, looked to be a promising  means of accomplishing this goal (a world state). An early program was the Interchurch World Movement. Later endeavors such as the World Council of Churches would trend towards being global in nature …to the elimination of national sovereignty and world governance. The overarching agenda of Rockefeller has remained the same. John D. Rockefeller Jr. wrote in a letter regarding the Interchurch World Movement, that the organization could potentially have a larger influence than the League of Nations.

Multiple attempts have been made to urge the Christian churches to get behind programs for world governance. Examples: The ASEM Interfaith Dialogue, the Muslim Interfaith Initiative, Tony Blair´s Faith Foundation´s “Mission Antichrist” , the New Age Religion, and the Churches cooperate with the Rockefeller institutions and on their own for a united world religion. Not least the Dalai Lama is very active, as previously described here and here.

That the New World Order is a religious movement cultivating Lucifer has been repeatedly reported on this blog. This means that a class of elitists see themselves as God´s equals – destined to rule the underlings of this world – founded on the promise of the Serpent in Gen. 3:5.

The Satanic Pyramid is seen again in the U.N. as the "Liberator of Humanity"(!)
Luci’s (Lucifer´s) Trust is a member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under a program called “World Goodwill”. Luci's Trust is sponsored by among others Robert McNamara, former minister of Defence in the USA, former president of the World Bank, a member of the Rockefeller Foundation. Luci's Trust sponsors among others the following organizations: UN, Greenpeace Int., Greenpeace USA, Amnesty Int. and UNICEF

Alice Bayley was heavily influenced by Hitler´s religious idol, Helena Blavatsky, and her master race imaginations. Bailey was a satanist and preached the coming of the Antichrist. The UN sees her as a prophet. She is the mother of the satanic New Age religion.

The stated aim of this group is “to cooperate in the world of preparation for the reappearance of the Antichrist”: Robert A Herrman in his thorough analysis of Alice Bailey .“In general, however, the Plan means a one-world that is totally unified in all things and this unity is to be obtained completely by human endeavor that is inspired by members of the Hierarchy – the head of which is the Lord of the World. Of course, this means complete unity with respect to the ideals of the Scripturally described Satan. In addition, this unity will be maintained by demon control. One code word for this Plan is The New World Order. When the United Nations has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured.”

 The number of 666 is ascribed to the Antichrist, who is to govern the one-world state before being ousted by the Second Coming of Christ (Rev. 13:18, 19:20).

Below-right: The meditation room of the UN. Former UN Sec-Gen. Dag Hammarsköld was also a follower of Bailey and he was responsible for the construction of the Meditation Room within the UN building. UN Secr. General Kofi Annan was married here. Meditation meetings have been held regularly within this room for decades and they open with a recital of Bailey’s Great Invocation (Lucifer means Light-bringer – and his disciples are the Enlightened Ones, the illuminati):
“From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into human minds.
Let Light descend on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God. Let love stream forth into human hearts. May the Coming One return to Earth. From the centre where the Will of God is known let purpose guide all little human wills – The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the centre which we call the human race let the Plan of Love and Light work out. And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.”

World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality (WC) Co-Chairman, Robert Muller was Assistant UN Secretary General for 40 years. His ideas about world government, world peace and spirituality led to the increased representation of religions in the UN, especially of New Age Movement. He has become known as the "Philosopher" of the UN." Robert Muller professes satanist Alice Bailey, building his school on Alice Bailey of Luci(fer)s Trust. Muller is a strong supporter of the United Religions Initiative, which is also supported by the UN . The WC counts active members like its boss, the Dalai Lama, , Steven Rockefeller, Mikhail Gorbachev, Al Gore, Robert Redford, Michael Douglas, Steven Spielberg, Prince Hassan of Jordan (former President of the Club of Rome), Barbara Marx Hubbard – supported by the Laurence Rockefeller Fund, Desmond Tutu, Dennis Kuccinnich etc

Now follow incredible recommendations from the UN homepages on the worshipping of their Lord/Gaia of the Earth
“Let the circle of your thoughts expand to include all true servers. Visualise this worldwide group as a network of light and love enveloping the earth, bringing to birth a culture of peace, goodwill and right relations.
Imagine Great Ones on the inner side of life flooding this global group of servers with spiritual energies, aiding them in their work. Consider the significance of this issue in the birthing of a new civilisation.

The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity “Creative Meditation — A Planetary Service Meditation is the ability to bring the personal will into alignment with the transpersonal or divine will. The ultimate result of effective meditation in the consciousness of the individual is enlightenment and illumination.”

Individuals and groups can help to make UN Days and Years much more effective through meditation and prayer.

We offer separate meditations for each of the themes related to the year plus a meditation that combined the themes of the year.

Left: Eliphas Levi´s picture of the illuminating Baphomet
Right-below: Open your heart to the Earth. See this video (Gaia hymn).

In meditation it is possible to intuit ideas that register only on the highest subtle levels of human thought. Meditating on the themes of the UN Days and Years can bring new ideas into global thinking on these themes, resulting in greater creativity on the part of servers in the outer world. We call to your attention the UN Calendar on this web-site… as a contribution to human unity and world renewal.

This Initiative is a contribution to this ongoing global process through which the reservoir of love and light, which substands all outer enlightened service, is replenished.

There is the need to understand and cultivate true or spiritual intuition. And there is the need for increasing support on all levels for the UN designated Days and Years, and particularly for the subjective support that meditation and prayer can give.
The intuition is underrated and often unrecognised, yet it is one of the greatest powers latent in all human beings. It has been called "straight knowledge" for it is direct insight into higher levels of awareness. This straight or direct knowing is a key ingredient in the process of creating a better world. As outstanding visionaries throughout human history have demonstrated, it is the source of visions and ideas that have the power to uplift consciousness and inspire enlightened progress.

The Dalai Lama has a decisive influence on the elitist world religion, being the boss of the World Commission for Gobal Consciousness and Spirituality with so many illuminists. He has been on the CIA payroll . I think the UN´s interest in his teachings is derived from Helena Blavatskys theosophy which is widely based on Buddhism. See this.

True intuition is characterised by universality. It reveals the oneness of life and the presence of the sacred in the everyday world of human experience. That we have entered the 21st century with a world view conditioned by a sense of wholeness and interdependence is a clear sign of the awakening of the intuition within human consciousness. The UN Calendar is an expression of this 'one humanity' world view.
We hope that this focus on the intuition shines a light on the path of love and service.

Consider all we know about the Planet – including the metaphysical and mythical dimensions of Gaia - May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers. May the Love of the one Soul characterise the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones
May I/we fulfil my/our part in the one Work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech.
Close by using the (Alice Bailey) Great Invocation or an affirmation of your choice.

This Gaia cult emanates from Steven Rockefeller, Mikhail Gorbachevs and Maurice Strong´s Earth Charter, that led to a global Gaia/Mother Earth cult.

The Ark of Hope contains Gaia prayers and Earth prayer masks and a copy of the Earth Charter.

The enlightened ones (illuminati/illuminists) turned in rage against the God of Christianity , as did Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the illuminati, and Mayer Amschel Rothschild, his master – just to substitute him for a “Supreme Deity”, which is then necessarily the opponent of the Christian God (11. of the 10 Commandments). In Christian terminology this being is called the Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Evil. See the 6 commandments of the New World Order

The incessant use of words as enlightenment, illumination, light leaves no doubt that we are facing illuminati staging the UN. This is admitted by the EU as well (explanatory statement). And they are zealous missionaries in creating a new civilization for their demonic master/mistress.

The climate cult must be seen as part of the Gaia cult and was launched 1966 by the illuminate, Robert McNamara (Report from Iron Mountain). Later on, Rockefeller´s Club of Rome joined in.

To the Gaia Prayer belongs a promise to stay harmless and politically correct, to remain a willing tool in the hands of the "Great Ones".

What is the "great or the one task"
From Sunrise magazine, August/September 1985. Copyright © 1985 by Theosophical University Press “These eternal truths are under the guardianship of a brotherhood of advanced human beings, a fraternity of adepts dedicated to maintaining for mankind a central source of light.
One origin, one destiny, one grand purpose — this is the gauntlet that H. P. Blavatsky cast into the forum of world thought.To lead towards the truth . ..We intuit something of the infinite potential of human consciousness. Everyone is as near to receiving "an inspiration of his own" as he is open to the light from his inner god. This is the pith and marrow of the gnosis or sacred knowledge universally honored from remotest times.

That´s it: Gnosticism, launched by the Jewish Pharisees (Jewish Encyclopedia) was the enemy of the teachings of Christ from Bishop Ireneus´ time (150 A.D.) passed on by the Jewish Alexandrian philosophers, it hit the Albigensians, the knights templar, the free Masons– and now the UN world government.
Now we know our true enemy – he is the 2000 year-old enemy of Jesus Christ.
You may deplore that - or you may be happy about it - according to your attitude.

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WHO IS MAITREYA? The late William Cooper explains the coming "New World Order" compulsory Religion

William Cooper explains the coming "New World Order" compulsory Religion


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Examine the murderous ideology being supported by the coming "New World Order"

Brace yourselves for a shocking overview of this coming global totalitarian dictatorship.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

"WHO IS MAITREYA?" **MAITREYA -INTERCEPT TO NAMBLA DATED: Jan 05 2006: From the (alt.hackers.malicous) group..




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oprah knows already what's comming up!

message 4 is very important for the boylovers of today my friends, can anyone help me out with bulk e-mail is it already the case my friends?

my adress:


What about the messages Lord Maitreya, lover of Jesus (means they are sleeping together) sended out many days ago to the White House, Kremlin, CIA, CNN, Aljazeerah, Reuters, World bank, Blair, Dutch president Balkenende, European court, spiritual leaders around the world, all kingdom and many more?

~ One world one Teacher one Teaching ~

Mess. 01.

Both Christian and Muslim are waiting to be freed aren’t they?

Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion announced to:

Both, Putin and Bush, He, his lover and back cover has the solution to the AIDS problem/ disease. Maitreya informed the authorities of Islamic and African countries to put the heads together and built an African-Aids-Army, to make the African- Islamic dream come true. Therefore Maitreya will be the New World Teacher, changing the rules and Heal the sick. Pulling strings is over (Means no boarders, no crossing boarders)! Cancer will die out my friend! Did you know Maitreya lives in the Netherlands and has been taken in a mental hospital for a toy gas lighter looking like a toy gun. So called, threatening an officer of justice with it, twisting things around! Do you know how many grains of salt can be put in that lighter my friends? Ghandi knows what a grain of salt can do.

Mess. 02.

Gold war is over my friends.

Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion is pointing out:

Putin is tightening the companion with Europe and is starting a secret Russian Islamic African Pact. Did you know? CNN is a distraction to the AIDS disaster coming up, even for American citizens. Do they know? Will it be 3rd world war or 3rd reigh peace my friend? Hitler knows about this also, he was twisted around in his live, did you know? What do they want you t know anyway? Maitreya knows all and is preparing for the Global Village Awareness Program. Like that idea? There will be a tribunal, it will be panic room! Does Bush really think he is getting away with a few million dollar? What then, the day after that? We all know what that can mean, don’t we? Bush is already pushing buttons knowing about Maitreya his messages. Answer of Maitreya to this all: neglected counties won’t be the case anymore!

We can smoke him out of his oval office when necessary.

Mess. 03.

333-666 Religie Is Ons Teveel (R.I.O.T.) (Dutch for: Religion, is to much for us)

Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion states:

We love the Hells Angels, they must know by now, R.I.O.T. will be the case my friends. We know about being sentenced, put to jail and taken in for mental treatment. Game over for the fuckers, when will you meet me? Fair game will be the case.

Mess. 04.

The anti paedophile network will die out my friends.

Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion says:

Maitreya will be on international television sooner or later, for instance Oprah knows about it already. The subject will be a paedophile coming clear and out, loving his self to death. Has this been done in your world before today my friend? Did you know this can be the case in the new world, like harem? Is this heaven to you my friend? Have you ever imagined Jesus could be gay, loving little boys? So could it be the case, that this nail will be pulled out in your world? Do you know and realize what this means for your world my friend? Yes my friend, cancer will die out. How long do we have to wait for inauguration, who will be the first? Are you still waiting for more prove my friend? Could it be, we are building up? When do you recognize me my friend? We already asked for some clowns who can tell it’s me? Who dares to ask anyway? Will your only out be like the fuckers, I am grazy? Can it be Jesus and I lie a bit now and then? Did you know We are competing FISM (Olympic games of magicians) out of the blue, showing all new stuff and win first prize? Honest to God (the magicians are a bunch of liars aren’t they). That will be a lot of prove already, won’t it? Do we understand each other my friend? What if you are a non-believer to this all, will it be Armageddon to you my friend? We are God, for ... Sake ... .

Mess 05.

We are God. (!!!)<---- Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion is pointing at:

There is one Jesus of Nazareth, one Maitreya of Nazareth my friend, we are God (day of marriage around about 9-11-2005). Maitreya will get thousands of hits by internet already. Many of what it says is a hooks, there is only one Maitreya of Nazareth, he even looks similar to the famous Nairobian guy photo. There will be nobody who can claim the title of lord Maitreya, nobody who’s got or will get the solution to the AIDS problem, no one who can claim cancer will die out! You can not hooks me and my lover!

Mess. 06.

Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion states:

The world will be a kids playground my friends.

Maitreya loves light bulbs, going to the movies, eating popcorn, chip, candy and play with cards all day, what about that. You kids like to do what you like most in your live? So that could be the case my friends! We are gong to built magic schools around the world, what about that? Do we have to go for president to realize that, do you have to vote, are we already yours? Yes my friend, that’s the case.

Mess. 07.

Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion speaks about:

We are pointing to not even that and be freer then a kid.

All great sages of meaning pointed to “that,” we are pointing to “not even that” my friend. Swat swang (in stead of sat sang*) is the case. We can joke and hooks around if we want to. We will speak in public, it will be beyond enlightenment. You can put your vegetarian meal in the closet if you want, so something else can come out. Be freer then a kid and not even that we say. Have you ever heard about that, or tried to realize that?

There will be no sectarian leaders of any kind on this planet anymore, what about that?

*Sat sang = Sanskrit for, being in the loving surrounding of a spiritual teacher.

****** END INTERCEPT******


Stay tuned..

rikijo (alt.hackers.malicious)