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WHO IS MAITREYA?"-Pt 3. -Examination of the AHM "MAITREYA INTERCEPT" -'The Hidden Code"

http://rikijo.blogspot.com/Update:"WHO IS MAITREYA?"-Pt 3. -Examination of the "MAITREYA INTERCEPT" 'The Hidden Code"
Examination of the "MAITREYA" INTERCEPT
Photo of Share International's "Maitreya"
The "Maitreya" intercept is divided into seven separate messages.
The intercepted message headings are:
This is an examination of the "Maitreya intercept" in the context of the real meaning behind the words.

This message below was intercepted during the alt.hackers.malicious war campaign against the Pedophile group NAMBLA.

-This intercept pertains to the coming "New World Order", their coming "New Age Religion", and their coming "New World Religious Leader" whom the U.N. endorses through "Share International" as "MAITREYA"

"Maitreya" intercept Mess .01.

Both Christian and Muslim are waiting to be freed aren’t they?

Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion announced to:
Both, Putin and Bush, He, his lover and back cover has the solution to the AIDS problem/ disease. Maitreya informed the authorities of Islamic and African countries to put the heads together and built an African-Aids-Army, to make the African- Islamic dream come true. Therefore Maitreya will be the New World Teacher, changing the rules and Heal the sick. Pulling strings is over (Means no boarders, no crossing boarders)! Cancer will die out my friend! Did you know Maitreya lives in the Netherlands and has been taken in a mental hospital for a toy gas lighter looking like a toy gun. So called, threatening an officer of justice with it, twisting things around! Do you know how many grains of salt can be put in that lighter my friends? Ghandi knows what a grain of salt can do.

Message .01.Translation:

In this part of the intercept, 'Rogier Pondaag' of the Netherlands writes that "Maitreya" is to be the "All powerful religious leader waited for by all religions which actually conforms to U.N. sponsored Share International's doctrine, regarding their coming "Maitreya", in which they claim "Maitreya will perform miraculous spontaneous healings.

"Maitreya" intercept Mess.02.

Gold war is over my friends.
Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion is pointing out:
Putin is tightening the companion with Europe and is starting a secret Russian Islamic African Pact. Did you know? CNN is a distraction to the AIDS disaster coming up, even for American citizens. Do they know? Will it be 3rd world war or 3rd reigh peace my friend? Hitler knows about this also, he was twisted around in his live, did you know? What do they want you t know anyway? Maitreya knows all and is preparing for the Global Village Awareness Program. Like that idea? There will be a tribunal, it will be panic room! Does Bush really think he is getting away with a few million dollar? What then, the day after that? We all know what that can mean, don’t we? Bush is already pushing buttons knowing about Maitreya his messages. Answer of Maitreya to this all: neglected counties won’t be the case anymore!

Message .02.Translation:

This part of the intercept deals with the economic component of the U.N. "Maitreya" vision.
The message also re-inforces once again the international scope of his religious reach.
The message indicates once again that "Maitreya" is awaited by all secular religious groups.
The message indicates a future world war as indicated by Illuminati and pagan adherents as being necessary to bring in "Maitreya" -Typical Illuminati "Order Out of Chaos" ideology.

"Maitreya" intercept Mess.03.

333-666 Religie Is Ons Teveel (R.I.O.T.)
(Dutch for: Religion, is to much for us)
Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by
slam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all
religion states:
We love the Hells Angels, they must know by now, R.I.O.T. will be the
case my friends. We know about being sentenced, put to jail and taken in
for mental treatment. Game over for the fuckers, when will you meet me?
Fair game will be the case.
We can smoke him out of his oval office when necessary.

Message .03.Translation:

This message clearly indicates that "Maitreya" is in union with Satan's fallen angels,

which is a fundamental belief of U.N. sponsored Share International, who just happen to promote "Maitreya as their coming New Age Christ, or Anti-christ.

"Maitreya" intercept Mess.04.

The anti paedophile network will die out my friends.

Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion says:

Maitreya will be on international television sooner or later, for instance Oprah knows about it already. The subject will be a paedophile coming clear and out, loving his self to death. Has this been done in your world before today my friend? Did you know this can be the case in the new world, like harem? Is this heaven to you my friend? Have you ever imagined Jesus could be gay, loving little boys? So could it be the case, that this nail will be pulled out in your world? Do you know and realize what this means for your world my friend? Yes my friend, cancer will die out. How long do we have to wait for inauguration, who will be the first? Are you still waiting for more prove my friend? Could it be, we are building up? When do you recognize me my friend? We already asked for some clowns who can tell it’s me? Who dares to ask anyway? Will your only out be like the fuckers, I am grazy? Can it be Jesus and I lie a bit now and then? Did you know We are competing FISM (Olympic games of magicians) out of the blue, showing all new stuff and win first prize? Honest to God (the magicians are a bunch of liars aren’t they). That will be a lot of prove already, won’t it? Do we understand each other my friend? What if you are a non-believer to this all, will it be Armageddon to you my friend?We are God, for ... Sake ... .
Message .04. Translation:

Message four of the intercept indicates that Maitreya is already scheduled to appear on Network Television.

This message also indicates the lawless nature of the coming "Maitreya" religion which embraces even the NAMBLA child rapists of the world under one religious umbrella.

This message also indicates a coming "magical like deception" -The "Olympic games" of magic. which comforms to the coming appearance of "Maitreya" as told by Share International, and also conforms to the appearance of the coming "false Christ" of Biblical scripture.

This message also indicates the "New Age" satanic views of the U.N. sponsored Maitreya: "We are God"

"Maitreya" intercept Mess.05.

We are God. Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion is pointing at:

There is one Jesus of Nazareth, one Maitreya of Nazareth my friend, we are God (day of marriage around about 9-11-2005). Maitreya will get thousands of hits by internet already. Many of what it says is a hooks, there is only one Maitreya of Nazareth, he even looks similar to the famous Nairobian guy photo. There will be nobody who can claim the title of lord Maitreya, nobody who’s got or will get the solution to the AIDS problem, no one who can claim cancer will die out! You can not hooks me and my lover!

Message .05. Translation
This part of the "Maitreya intercept" indicates re-inforces once again the satanic beliefs of the "New World Religion"
"We Are God" is a cornerstone belief of the satanic New Age occultists.

This message indicates that "Maitreya" will be discerned by his magical solutions to problems such as diseases like cancer.
This conforms to the "lying signs and wonders" that the coming Anti-christ will be permitted to perfom in the sight of makind.

"Maitreya" intercept Mess.06.

Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion states:
The world will be a kids playground my friends.o teach ou

Maitreya loves light bulbs, going to the movies, eating popcorn, chip, candy and play with cards all day, what about that. You kids like to do what you like most in your live? So that could be the case my friends! We are gong to built magic schools around the world, what about that? Do we have to go for president to realize that, do you have to vote, are we already yours? Yes my friend, that’s the case.

Message .06. Translation:

This messge indicates that the "New World Religion" will be a "lawless playground" embracing all forms of decadence. This conforms with the U.N. New Age ideology which maintains that morals are are 'human restriction' and must be eliminated along with Christianity for mankind to progress to their satanic spiritual utopia.

This message also indicates the creation of satanic pagan schools to teach their ideology to the members of the New World Religious order.

"Maitreya" intercept Mess.07.

Maitreya van Nazareth, lover of Jesus, acknowledged as imam Mahdi by Islam, seen as the fifth Buddha and New World Teacher, waited for by all religion speaks about.

We are pointing to not even that and be freer then a kid.

All great sages of meaning pointed to “that,” we are pointing to “not even that” my friend. Swat swang (in stead of sat sang*) is the case. We can joke and hooks around if we want to. We will speak in public, it will be beyond enlightenment. You can put your vegetarian meal in the closet if you want, so something else can come out. Be freer then a kid and not even that we say. Have you ever heard about that, or tried to realize that?

There will be no sectarian leaders of any kind on this planet anymore, what about that?
*Sat sang = Sanskrit for, being in the loving surrounding of a spiritual teacher.

Message .07. Translation:

This message indicates that Maitreya's "New Age Religion" will embrace actvites that were deemed illegal in the past, conforming to U.N. "New Age Religion ideology"

This message is a clear indication of the mentality surrounding this coming "New World Relion"

where lawlessness rules, and traditional values are to become a thing of the past.

This message indicates that the traditional values will be destroyed by the coming "New World Order"

Maitreya intercept Summary:

This intercept is just more proof that the coming "New World Order" os a bastion of satanic beliefs and practices.
This is what we're facing in the coming "New World Order"This is why anyone subscribing to this coming "New World Order" religious ideology will inherit the wrath of God:


"If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God . . . . And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night. . . . Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."

(Rev. 14:9-12)


We need to know more about the organizations that are actually supporting this coming "Maitreya deception" and satanic disaster, in order to be able to identify the coming Beast system.

We need to be aware and informed concerning this evil coming satanic system in order to make a clear distinction of the Beast system to avoid being ensnared by it.
Stand by for updates.

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  1. The Characteristics of Maitreya and the "Second Coming"
    Share: by swyody | September 17, 2009 at 07:56 pm
    105 views | 0 Recommendations | add comment

    I found this piece of information in Wikipedia that is said to be reflective of the characteristics of the Maitreya (who has been considered to be returning by many of various religious idealologies (using a different name variation according to the dominant language in which they hold this belief) including: Buddists (though some think this was Akbar, but still hold out for yet another), Muslims (though some think this was Mohammed, yet still believe another is slated to come) and Jewish (some of which believe it was Jesus but still expect yet another appearance) and Christians who believe this was Jesus (though because of what Jesus said still expect yet another to come). And there are a long list associated with every religion that claim to be that ONE.

    Thus will the real ONE let themselves be known!

    So here is the Wikipedia piece, you can find under "Maitreya" but scrolled down to "Characteristics" to find this:

    "One mention of the prophecy of Maitreya is in the Sanskrit text, the Maitreyavyakara?a (The Prophecy of Maitreya), stating that gods, men, and other beings will worship Maitreya; it implies that he is a teacher of meditative sadhana:

  2. So I ask you, do we see anyone past or present representing these combined mindsets/physical disciplines with common sense, practical non-humanly profitable motives and reward?

  3. Certainly they would be seen as an extreme, where even religious zealotry is nearly mainstream, at least in the form of talk and appearances, while the few that can actually be documented to have matched up to the characteristics reported here that are attributed to the re-emergence of the person spoken of in eastern culture as the Matriaya - having more of a Buddist background, though having it's reflection in most all sects and offshoots before and to date.

    Ti and Do in my opinion took the nonsense out of religion and spirituality. That's a lack of sense. They never put on appearances of holiness and never swayed from their high standards of behaviour and action. They never wore who they knew they were on their sleeve to leverage themselves over another, not even their students. And yet they didn't hesitate to realize and admit that they didn't have all the answers to all the questions their students might have. But why wouldn't they, if they were the annointed ones, the Two Witnesses in the Jesus related record books? It's because their task was to take the graduate students out of the Earth Experiential classroom they actually begun nearly 7000 years before, that was not the first classroom of it's kind on the planet Earth and far, far from the first classroom they and their Older Members in the Evolutionary Level Above Human orchestrated for our sakes. If we want to live forever, then why not give an ear to those who most demonstrate being from someplace outside the Earth and who require our ALL eventually to become a member within. All the others who establish churches and temples and services and paraphenelia and tithing and membership and caste's and classes and so called supremecy, touting being the elite or elect or saints that will be saved or ascended offer their so called reward for next to zero real effort. But for the few that do insist upon strict standards, their harsh retorick - hell and damnation, etc. guilt and sin accusations, judgementalism against others also gives their fraudulence away. I can honestly testify that Ti and Do did none of that, never, not in the 19 years I was their close student and I saw it all. We lived together in the same house or on the same land when we lived out of doors in Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California. So ask me and ask the few others that are willing to talk about their experiences with Ti and Do. Even the drop outs have hardly any critisism of them that holds much water. Sure they admitted to us when they made mistakes and I will talk about those as well. But looking back on those events I can see that they were not mistakes at all. Some times they were following what they felt were their instructions, like when we waited for a spacecraft to come pick us up and it didn't show. Ti said she felt like she had egg on her face from that BUT seeing with new eyes, as I didn't even then feel she had egg on her face though I didn't know why the spacecraft didn't come, but now could see from some students response that it was to test us. Did we join just to catch a ride on a ufo/spacecraft? If so, these had to be weeded out so to speak. Didn't mean they were weeds, but were simply not ready for the gigantic step overcoming one's natural human nature presents. Overcoming isn't something to sing about. It's not a meditation or a mantra. Those can be tools in it. It's first seeing what it is that holds us back from becoming this new creature, a child in a new evolutionary level of physical and mental/spiritual life and then changing (repenting) those behaviours that support that mindset and root system while keeping it on the forefront to not let what we then feel are lessor behaviors get the better of us to remove us from the mission we so felt to pursue and in so doing saw more and more evidence of it's worth and what it must lead to. It is experiences over and over and over, falling down in one's control over our mammalian based physical body but not letting that stop us from gaining the upper hand of the horse we chose to take over.

  4. It's not for everybody at the same time to recognize the human teachers teachers. It starts with simply being willing to believe and not fear the loss of what we have naturally become so addicted/dependant of. But belief without action, namely expressing that belief to others is nearly worthless belief, but expressing it to others does not mean standing on a podium downtown with a megaphone. It means being senstive to who might want more than what this human world can offer and simply extending the same offerring that was offerred to you, in some respect and degree and if they want more then let them ask for more. If not, move along. So many are already saying "no" to some of their programmed flesh desires. Those desires are not wrong, though if they harm another by invading their free will to live in peace, they are inappropriate to leverage upon another. But those desires, do get old and there is more to aspire to, but it's not to be found on Earth, except for the "pathway". And many pathways lead to the top of the mountain, but only one really takes you off.

    Even the space aliens don't offer anyone an step in evolution that is above the human condition, like the human condition is above an animal condition and animal above plant and plant above mineral. If they are teaching us to be human then they are not from the Level Above Human, it's that simple. What's human. Well it's largly self centered and sense pleasing. All of our good characteristics called love really boil down to the degree in which we "give". If the Next Level reps never taught our genetic strain and the spirit programs that are born from each genetic bud the value of "giving" we humans would never given at all. Has anyone seen an animal give up their food to help another animal,that is when it's not their offspring or family. Even those who do evil things may treat their own family well.

    That's why it's such a big step to learn to give until one day we might want to give service to those who gave us the very opportunity we have to live in the first place. We are not here by accident. There is a purpose to all this and even those who co-opt everything the Next Level does to help us grow is part of our opportunity to turn even their negatives into positives.

  5. But the ultimate positive is to "give" back to those who give so much to us and to so so completly voluntarily. The Next Level does not hold a carrot in front of a hungry rabbit to get it to jump. Well, actually they do do that a bit in the early stages of the garden flowers growth. Otherwise we plants would never know what was available. But they do so very sparingly and perhaps never in an absolute form.

    I will never know you all personally and I will never ask you for anything for myself. I don't need you to believe what I am saying about Ti and Do. I am not in service to you. I am in service to Ti and Do. You are never to look to me, except if there are questions I might answer about my experience with Ti and Do, but not in praise of me. I am equal to you. I simply had an extraordinary experience that bonded a big part of me to Ti and Do, yet I still have a great deal to overcome.

    So I'm saying that Ti and Do did emulate all these characteristics attributed to the returned Matriaya and did demonstrate all the same characteristics Jesus demonstrated and all the characteristics Moses demonstrated, that of course are all stages for different garden patches, though for the same few souls that could be spread among many new souls at the same time.

    And another characteristic is that they always make a global splash that is bigger than any splash before then and they are always hated for their splash as for the worldly, who stand to lose something they value of the world, they represent an enemy, thus these will do anything to stop anyone from hearing about them and who they really were and what they really taught and why. Reps from the Level Above Human tell it like it is and most times it's hard to take and they always require a new leap of faith to be willing to hear their voice, but they never give us more than we can absorb and act upon. But it remains our choice to at any point to turn away and they will allow us to do so and yet will still be there if we want to turn back.

    We have until each of us die to make our choice. Those who choose to ask Ti and Do's help, in their silence as many times as they feel will begin to see and will be realistically "saved" for a future opportunity to start fresh in a new garden following a recycling period on Earth.

    Those who are left will simply perish. We have the opportunity now and it doesn't mean giving up everything either. It's hard enough to hold this in our heads and it's hard enough to manage these animal vehicles. We need to toss it a sugar pill sometimes to help the medicine go down, in whatever form that takes. But if we are tossing it sugar pills all day and everyday then we have a long road to breaking those addictions to that stimulus.

  6. The part of the task that requires walking out the door of our lives to overcome all our human behaviors is most appropriate to our growth stage when the Older Member blows the horn again which is slated for the next civilization on Earth. So that will be a task in the future of all those who are "saved" now. And no one, not I or anyone else can assume we are "saved". Since I already had a major opportunity and flunked out of my highest aspiration by returning to the world having been given so much of Ti and Do's attention, I may have a stiffer requirement to show I am worth saving. But I am not doing this to be "saved". I am doing it because I can't deny it's true, so I must pursue it an inch at a time if that is all I can do. When I move an inch, I ask Ti and Do to help me move the next inch and they do in amazing ways. They don't send a blaring voice into our head or attempt to channel through us. That's a space alien and/or discarnate spirit tactic for their self centered agenda. And they don't punish us either. That idea is the result of the lower forces co-opting the Next Levels motis operendi and making it into a religion. No wonder there is so much hypocrisy. It originated by a king of hypocricy, though the Next Level can use even their predatory behavior to benefit their seed's continued growth toward yeilding fruit.

  7. We will all have to lose our current physical life. We should not accellerate that. However Do did not think it was wrong for someone who was in desperate pain with no prospect of improving it, to where they could not grow any longer because they are so preoccupied with their pain or side effects from medications, or don't know who they are or anyone else or on life support with little hope of coming out of it, choosing to end their own life. The Next Level has workers among us that can see whether that soul should have a future opportunity to live again. Even if they never heard of Ti and Do they may be "saved". But the idea that when we die we automatically incarnate into a new body is a misunderstanding of the Next Level's choice to "save" a soul or not. The only form of coming back into a new body that exists is by the Next Level helping saved souls who were believers pick a living human body to work with to take through the birth canal of birth into the Next Level by. But they don't actually embed their soul or spirit form into the same flesh that produces the spirit form to begin with. That's not possible. However, a dead human spirit often will stay around after it's death doing the same things it always did while alive and in that way comes back and can influence and even at times help living physical humans. This is why many living humans can think they are the reincarnation of someone who once lived, because by their focusing on their behavior or by being in relationship with those humans and/or genetic strain and associated dead human spirits that they were in relationship with and/or by calling their name, potentially even by reading about them with a desire to meet them, they draw that dead spirit to them in an instant as it's like a remote control device sending out an interfacing signal and depending on one's desire and sensitivity may actually feel they are being visited by that entity.

    However, in the overcoming process we must begin to give walking papers to all discarnate helpers and/or hinderers. In that way all end up beign hinderers as often do most all humans who are not ready, willing or able to embrace the same process.

    But how would anyone know the truth in all Ti and Do taught unless they are willing to look at all the evidences. For those that want to investigate further, here is a link to some files available for free download that are Ti and Do in audio and in video presenting their information, who they are and why they were here. These were not all designed for the public. Some were. Others were simply tapes of the meetings Ti and Do gave their student body during the 22+ years of their current task on Earth. And they are all pretty poor quality but better than nothing:


    If you have any questions and/or would like further data, you can search the internet but you will mostly find much that is mostly assuming the negative because of the dramatic and tramatic way in which they Do and his remaining students left their physical bodies (vehicles) in the mass suicide noted in the media in 1997 as Heaven's Gate.

    I was a close student of Ti and Do's for 19 consequtive years, from the beginning in 1975 to nearly the time of their departure and I am willing to answer any questions but have no interest in starting a church of any kind as that would just lead to the same hokus pokus religio-spiritual pseudo worship of anything but the Evolutionary Level Above Human, the new terminology for the Kingdom of Heaven/God.

    My email address for questions is: sawyerhg@yahoo.com. I also do a blogtalkradio.com/sawyer broadcast every thursday night 11pm to 1am et and I have put together some youtube.com video's under channel name: 3spm.

    And of course one can still read/hear/see a great deal of their information, geared to those with ears to hear at HeavensGate.com

  8. Hi, This a really beast organization and demonic idea which can destroy many things. However, I still believe that one day the world teacher with all those names will come to the world to make it a better place to live.

  9. Forget previous messages as written above.It's all about love and inner peace.
    Jesus and Maitreya of Nazareth.

    Many see meanwhile from to the return of their expected teacher, or them him now knows Him as a Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, Kalki Avatar or the Imam Mahdi.
    Rogier Pondaag, died and married with Jesus of Nazareth in 2005. Manifesting Himself as Maitreya of Nazareth up to 21-12-2012. Then we come pick you up with UFO. Maitreya brings the message: Everything is for free, you can go and stay where you want, thus border free, all prisoners are free, all closed institutions can open, everything is public and everything is copyrightfree. Maitreya of Nazareth has His own Internet site, a book written what is still on guard named, “global village awareness” with under title, what means healing our inner attitude with the aim inner peace for our conscience of living together in a type of global village. In what the book “A course in miracles” and Attitudinal Healing is at issue. Furthermore He gives workshops in spiritual leadership.
    Global village awareness
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    • You can open your own business on which area thus and your own publicity thus there on which manner for to give and spread.

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