Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who is MAITREYA? Maitreya Email from Rogier Pondaag Intercepted by alt.hackers.malicious

 The Curious Case Of "Maitreya Van Nazereth"
AKA "Lord Maitreya"
Identifying "Maitreya" Part 1.

Maitreya AKA Rogier Pondaag ??
Date : Thu, Jan 19, 2006 05:30 AM A.H.M.

This photo was intercepted from Rogier Pondaag of the Netherlands claiming himself to be the "Lord Maitreya", or a messenger thereof.

We didn't think the true Lord needed to use the internet for communication purposes, so we dismissed this miscreant as a kook..
-But as fate would have it, I have ran across this name "Maitreya" again while researching the coming "New World Order"system.

Referring back to the main database I obtained the original file from the op..

I realized slowly that the entire intercept was/is a thinly veiled code of sorts pertaining to some future plans for Global religious consolidation if you will.

Upon further research on this "Lord Maitreya" character I was shocked to discover that the U.N. was actually working in conjunction with an outfit called "Share International" which just happens to be a center for occultic and esoteric religions all subscribing to what has now been coined "The New Age Movement"

This "New Age Movement is pagan-oriented, and that means satanic in nature.

It is a movement that embraces satanists, practicing witches, warlocks, druids, spirit-worshippers, charmers, sooth sayers, and those who claim to communicate with the dead.

Well it just so happens that this so-called "Maitreya" is supposed to be their (occultists)long awaited coming Messiah/Leader for the entire cabal of Satanists and their offshoot pagan ministries, except the Bible warns of this coming false-christ.

According to Maitreya's main mouthpiece "Benjamin Creme", "Maitreya" was already taking flights across Europe and He was supposed to like travel by aircraft. (?)

Benjamin Creme -Share International

-Jokingly I thought to myself, why would a so called 'god' need to take the train, or a plane for that matter??

-According to Benjamin Creme, this "Maitreya" is due to appear very soon in the not-so-distant future, and they (Share International, along with the U.N. are preparing for him already. -They are teaching this to their followers and adherents.

In the intercept from Rogier Pondaag there is the following statement: "Oprah knows its coming"

- I thought that was kind of a funny statement at first, but then I just had to know..

There is just too much evidence to suggesting Maitreya will be a most significant religious figure in this coming "New World Order"

It had to be none other than this "Maitreya" individual..what are the odds? lol

We need to know everything we can about this "Maitreya" and what if any relationship He, or his associates have to the NAMBLA group.
I believe that there are elements in this "New Age Movement" that require people to wake up and see the direction this world is headed in.
We need to step back and take another close look at this original intercept..



"Maitreya is already amongst us"--Share International ..
' ?'
Oh yeah? We didn't know that..

Stand By for Updates..


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